After proudly announcing the new General Manager joins the team and its recent achievement as the Winner Certificate of Excellence 2013 by Tripadvisor, as a Nominee on 2013 World Luxury Hotel Awards and ranked among the best recommendation hotels on Europe’s leading hotel review; HolidayCheck Quality Selection 2013, these are evidences that The Seminyak had improved the quality of service and products to reach luxury standard and deliver their service commitment to the guest.

As its location in the heart of Seminyak, the ultimate place to find numerous finest wining, dining and shopping in Bali, now The Seminyak launch another exquisite outlet to the resort, The Cellar.

Being the first unique concept as a wine shop outright a wine cellar in the resort along Seminyak area, this will complete The Seminyak’s’ features for their guests.

The Cellar offers an array selection of leastwise 150 wines and champagnes from all around the world with an accessibly value compare to the other surrounded places.

Designed in a rustic style wine rack, a combination of glass wall and lining brick wall separates The Cellar from other outlet. With the presence of this wine shop, it is simply enrich collection of wine lists in the resort.

Aside from opening The Cellar, The Seminyak also presents the series of wine tastings and exploration in their unique way by inviting the winemakers to the resort, fostering the shared experience intrinsic of drinking wine.

Located in the lobby floor at The Seminyak Beach Resort & Spa, The Cellar is also open for public from 11am to 10.30pm every day.




One night in May 2013, our security inspects the beach and sees sea turtles emerge from the sea to the front of our resort. When they come across a turtle, they wait until she has finished digging her nest and has entered into an eggâ€Âlaying trance before beginning to collect the eggs.

They stand guard over her until she covers the nest with sand and returns to the waves, then they immediately call Bali Sea Turtle Community to move the clutch of eggs to the safety of a corral above the high water mark where they are protected from predators such as squirrels, seabirds and crabs and the passage of human feet. There were 85 eggs been collected from the beach.

Forty-five days later, 90 eggs hatch and staff and Bali Sea Turtle Community prepare to release the baby turtles. Guests staying at The Seminyak Beach Resort & Spa's are invited to bring their children to participate for the turtle releases, which taken place on the beach infront of Infinity Pool. 

After a briefing on how to hold the fragile little turtle correctly and release instructions, each person is given a turtle in a bowl. They give it a name and say a prayre for its wellbeing and on the count of three, the sea turtle babies are set free.

They scuttle down the beach towards the waves to begin life in the ocean. For many guests, seeing and releasing the sea turtles is an unrivaled experience, the highest point of their vacation.




The Seminyak Beach Resort & Spa has just launched their fun Aqua jogging, Aqua therapy, Aqua Kids & swimming lessons free to all our guests who want to get fit or just have lots of water fun. 

Our highly trained water fitness experts have more than 15 years experience.

Catherine’’s background includes: Certified life guard & swimming teacher, Sophrotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Aqua therapist with a specialization in assisting those with Aqua phobia (fear of water). She also holds a degree in water activities especially designed for the disabled. In addition, Catherine is a writer “Nager dans le Bonheur”& an Aqua gym instructor for the French government’s swimming teachers.

Gerald is also a highly skilled instructor who is trained in psychology and is a Morph psychologist. He also specializes in breath control, Aqua relaxation and Aqua Therapy. He is especially gifted with coaching people who are overworked and stressed, offering them guidance on how they can easily release their stress and regain balance in their lives.

It is with great pleasure that The Seminyak Beach Resort & Spa and 'Swim and Be Happy' have joined together to offer our guests Aqua Fitness and several other wonderful Aqua programs.

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